Discover How Successful Women Entrepreneurs Use the “Science of Attention” to Get More Leads… Land Better Clients… And Effortlessly Grow Sales…

The “Science of Attention” Makes It Easy to Write Money-Making Content in a Short Amount of Time

Show me how to create stories that sell!

Hi, my name is Eleanor.

I've worked with thousands of women entrepreneurs... 

And I've discovered that many of the most successful women have one thing in common: 

Telling great stories...

Stories that engage the reader... command attention... and make their audience hungry for more. 

So, if you're tired of working 60+ hours a week... tolerating the income ceiling... and settling for non ideal clients...

Then pull up a chair...

Because I've found the solution. 

Let me explain...

I worked as a freelance journalist and pitched HUNDREDS of stories to jaded editors who had “heard it all.”

If they didn’t love my story idea... I didn’t eat.

I knew I needed an ironclad strategy to put food on my table, so I dug into the two most powerful techniques used in journalism: persuasion and storytelling.

And I discovered something that had those jaded editors eating out of my hand! 

My in-depth research led me to a simple framework, used throughout history, that helps anyone create stories that read like irresistible brain candy.

I call it the Science of Attention Method.

In this framework, I show you how you can use storytelling to connect with readers on an emotional level…

... building a deep bond almost effortlessly.

It's the fastest way to grab attention… build authority… and attract loyal fans.

It's what helped me become an internally recognized authority in women's leadership... and the CEO of Safi Media, a coaching and training company for female founders.

And I'm sharing this powerful storytelling framework for free… because I don't want a single coach, consultant, or service provider ever to endure the same overwhelming anxiety that I did. 

The entire framework is included inside my FREE eBook, Selling with Story.

If you think more growth just means more headaches…

If you want to expand but feel there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done...


Selling with Story helps you:

  • Tell stories so electrifying people can’t help but stop EVERYTHING they’re doing and read them word-for-word.
  • Create deeply impactful sales messages that build trust... boost sales… and flood your pipeline with quality leads. PLUS: You’ll never come across as salesy or fake.
  • Instantly win the “Battle for Attention” on any platform from social media… to blog posts… to public speaking.
  • See real-life examples of companies using storytelling to increase sales by more than 2500%... and these examples will work for you no matter your product or service.
  • Become a sought-after speaker by effortlessly crafting engaging stories... even if you are put on the spot or didn't have time to prepare.

If you’re ready to win the battle for attention… get more leads… and make more sales, then grab your FREE copy of Selling with Story.

Here’s what some of the women I've already helped say...

Anu Bidani

Founder and CEO, STEM MINDS Corp.

"By implementing Eleanor’s teachings, I have doubled my social media followers, tripled my mailing list and am on track to triple revenues by years end.”

Dr. Alex Swenson Ridley

Life Sprout Wellness Institute

“I closed $10K in sales from ONE talk!”

About Eleanor Beaton

Eleanor is a ridiculously bold and astoundingly brazen wife, mother of two boys, and entrepreneur. She is also rather FANCY. Behold:

Eleanor Beaton has been recognized nationally and globally for her work as a women’s leadership expert, business coach, and writer.

She is the former Chair of the Visiting Women’s Executive Exchange Program, and a finalist for the prestigious National Business Book Award honour. She has won multiple national and international awards for journalism, leadership coaching and entrepreneurship. 

She has served as a growth & marketing advisor to billion-dollar women CEOs, political leaders, and thousands of emerging women leaders and entrepreneurs. She is an advisor to venture capital funds, governments and universities on entrepreneurship, economic development and communications strategy.