Attn: coaches, consultants, and service providers wasting money on marketing ads that don’t work...

The Real Reason Expensive Social Media Campaigns Don’t Help Scale Your Business

Plus, What Actually Works to Authentically Grow Your Brand in the Age of 

Fake News, Algorithms, Twerking on TikTok, and Non-Stop Noise

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Does getting results from paid Social Media ads feel like a game that’s impossible to win? 

It sure did for me. 

First of all, the rules always seem to change. I couldn’t keep up with the newest algorithms and latest trends on my own. 

So I’d hire expensive ad agencies or pricey consultants. Then, begrudgingly, I’d hand over the steering wheel on one of the most important parts of my business – its growth.

I put aside my better judgement and agreed to the latest sales-y tactics, even though they didn’t fit me, my style, or my intellect AT ALL.

What did I get for outsourcing my sovereignty to these “experts”?


They got paid, Mark Zuckerberg got paid, but I had little to show for it. 

Any of this sound familiar?

How to Prevent Lead Generation from Sacrificing Your Soul,  Testing Your Boundaries, and Driving You Insane

At one point, I had invested Forty Thousand Dollars… 

...only to earn Ten Thousand in sales. 

Then my entire Facebook Ad account got shut down because of a silly administrative mistake those pricey consultants made.

You’d think I would have thrown in the towel at that point.  But I didn’t. 

I was so desperate for something to “work better” that I tried the same things over and over. 

What’s the definition of insanity again? 

Nothing worked better. In fact, the results just kept getting worse. 

My confidence took a hit...

My scarcity issues got triggered...

My focus was stolen by shiny object syndrome...

Then I had my “Come to Jesus” moment. I realized I was in an abusive relationship with my marketing.

What I did next skyrocketed my business. 

Now I feel clear, confident and in FULL TRUST of my marketing.

And I can help you feel that way, too.

My sanity is the biggest win and I clarified my niche!”

 - Afton Brazzoni, Scribe National Inc.

If Your Lead Generation Feels Stressful, Unauthentic, and Ineffective…

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Scale Without Sacrifice: How to Unshackle Yourself from Sanity-sucking Algorithms, Fruitless Fads, and Over-hyped Social Media “Gurus”

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  • You’ve invested in complicated launches that flopped ... and you’re not sure exactly how to tweak them for success.
  • You’ve regretted handing over your power to Facebook Ad agencies and other “experts” who force you into campaigns that don’t fit your brand …or deliver results.
  • You’ve already spent significant time, money, and energy on branding deep dives designed to clarify your niche... yet you still stumble to define your business’ magic. 
  • You’ve ignored your gut and followed the latest hacks, fads, and cringe-worthy viral trends...right down a road to nowhere.
  • You’re a seasoned entrepreneur who doesn’t fit into group programs geared to newbies. Not your first rodeo? Then this is definitely for you. 

In just 90 minutes, you’ll discover:

  • The secret to defying all the algorithms, all the time. (Hint: it doesn’t even have to do with marketing!)
  • How to bulletproof your ad campaigns. Become immune to finicky platforms, shifting trends, and changing business models.
  • The “hidden in plain sight” scaling opportunity you’re probably missing. Overlooking this is the #1 mistake I see even the most savvy women make!
  • How to harness the timeless power of “bottom-up” growth …so you NEVER have to follow fads and learn some goofy Instagram hand dance. 
  • The hidden gold in your offer. (You can mold it into a full-blown jewel business!)
  • The fatal flaw Facebook ads reveal about your business. Plus, how to turn your biggest fails into your most powerful win. 
  • How to master the art of attracting leads. Flip the script and discover how to get your audience to chase you  

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