Discover How Women Entrepreneurs
Are Building 7-Figure Businesses In 2022

What got you here won’t get you there.

You have hustled -- and traded priceless hours for dollars, one client at a time. 

You have thrown yourself into customizing your services -- and put a ceiling on your income and your impact.

But none of that is scalable -- and you know it.

You're left feeling overwhelmed, confused, frustrated …

... and in your toughest moments, lonely.

It’s time to step into your power as a confident CEO.

It’s time to stop trading time for money.

It's time build assets that work for you -- and match your strengths, your lifestyle and your income goals.

It’s time to start building real wealth in your own 7-figure ecosystem...

Introducing The Incubator!

The Incubator is a meticulously designed coaching program.

It's for women entrepreneurs who want to build a modern, 7-figure service-based business.

A business that's growing through your SYSTEMS rather than through your HUSTLE.

The Incubator has helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs build their brands, create scalable assets and generate millions in revenue. 

Now, it’s your turn.

Who Is This For?

If you can answer Yes to any of these questions, The Incubator might be for you:

  • Do you run an established service business that's making sales? Examples: graphic designer, architect, accountant, coach, leadership consultant
  • Do you have business experience, a clear offer and you want to build your company correctly from the start?
  • Do you feel caught in The Delivery Trap? You sell then deliver ... sell then deliver ... over and over
  • Do you feel overworked, overwhelmed and underpaid?
  • Do your clients pay for your brilliance, but you have no idea how to scale that?

Of course, you may be making a nice living from your business now.

But you know it could be better.

You don’t yet have the clarity, tools and support you truly need ... which can leave you feeling scattered and without support.

You want someone to hand you a proven roadmap for building a thriving business capable of scaling to 7 figures and beyond. 

What’s The Secret?

Here it is: It’s really not what we do in The Incubator, but why we do it.

You see, we do this because we believe that great things can happen when women have CIA:

  • Cash (more than enough financial resources)
  • Influence (the skill, platform and know-how to make sure their voices are heard and their ideas acted upon) and
  • Autonomy (time, mental white space and freedom to live on their terms)

That’s our “secret.”

It’s a sense of mission that drives my team and me to continually overdeliver for our members.

Here’s the thing.

You have purchased the business courses and read the marketing books.

You have attended the conferences and “done the work” on yourself.

But you feel more confused than ever, trying to piece it all together by yourself, with no help.

  • You worked with trainers who wanted you to create a mirror image of their business, which never felt right
  • You worked with executive coaches who helped you process your thoughts, but couldn’t advise on strategy
  • You worked with marketing coaches who could tell you what to do, but couldn’t help with the mindset blocks that held you back
  • You have taken a lot of business advice from people who have not yet created the results YOU want to create

Bottom line: You want an experienced, thoughtful, and battle-tested guide who can take you by the hand and walk you through each step in order…

You want to access a global network of diverse, intelligent, thoughtful women entrepreneurs who understand you and can support your growth.

You want the training, tools, and support from someone who has not only built a thriving 7-figure service business...but has coached hundreds of clients to breakout success over the years.

Hey girl, heeeey! That’s me. :)

I’m Eleanor and I’m here to help you build a scalable 7-figure service business.

I get it -- growing a business can be overwhelming and confusing.

If you don’t have a clear roadmap, you can make critical mistakes, get off track, and waste weeks, months even years of precious time.

You don’t have to do it alone. 

Here's What Incubator Members Say:

"We increased our revenues by $853,000 within 11 months of working with Eleanor in The Incubator!"

- Alexandra Davidson, Davidson London, London, England

"Within 18 months of working with Eleanor and her team, our revenues grew over 10X to $1.5M".

- June Tavenor, Catalyst Health Solutions, Paradise, Newfoundland & Labrador

“After joining The Incubator, I hit my first $50K month".

- Stacy Mayer, Executive Ahead of Time, Berkeley, California

"As a result of joining The Incubator, we rapidly accelerated our revenues by cutting our sales times from months to days".

- Jennifer Aplin (Turner) & Alice Chandrasekaran, Digital Magenta, Calgary, Alberta

Stories like theirs are common in The Incubator.

With a meticulously designed curriculum, coaching and personalized feedback on your work.

The tools, templates and systems.

And a growth mastermind program.

All to ensure you have everything you need to create your 7-figure business.

A business that grows through its SYSTEMS ... rather than your HUSTLE.

The Incubator Is Different

The Incubator is designed by women, for women.

Whether you are an architect growing your design business, or a leadership coach growing your coaching firm, your Six-Figure Scalable Offer is THE critical infrastructure you must build if you want to scale your service business. 

Along with the training, templates, weekly coaching calls and feedback on your work ... you are supported by 6- and 7-figure women entrepreneurs in our community, which helps you up-level even faster!

The result?

Faster growth. More confidence. Greater impact.

Here's What You Get
In The Incubator

The Outcome:

Design, launch and leverage your Six Figure Scalable Offer -- a SINGLE offer capable of generating $100K+ in sales in 12 months, with minimal involvement from you.

The 5 Milestones:

  • Design your Six Figure Scalable Offer
  • Launch your Six Figure Scalable offer with Leveraged Selling
  • Build your six figure Audience Growth System
  • Build Your High Performing Lean Dream Team
  • Build Your 3-Month Cash Reserve

The Support:

Comprehensive curriculum, with tools and templates to help you design, launch, and leverage your Six-Figure Scalable Offer.

  • Weekly group Strategic Advisory Calls with Eleanor
  • Personalized critique and feedback on your work
  • Monthly 1:1 coaching with our elite, certified executive coaches to help you implement, process, and think out loud
  • Exclusive invites to live and virtual events
  • Networking opportunities with our community of fabulous women entrepreneurs

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"By implementing Eleanor’s teachings in The Incubator, I doubled my social media following, tripled my email list and am on track to 3X my revenues by year’s end".

- Anu Bidani, STEM Minds, Toronto, Ontario

"I hit 300% of my year-over-year revenue goal within 30 days of working with Eleanor in The Incubator".

- Deb Boulanger, The Great Do-Over, New York, New York

"Within 12 months of joining The Incubator, I grew annual revenues by OVER $200K and reduced my working hours by 20%".

- Dr. Jordin Wiggins, Health Overall, Pelham, Ontario

"With Eleanor’s highly personalized support, my focus is now spot on. I was able to make a plan AND execute on it. Since joining The Incubator, I have made more progress in 2 months than I did in the last 4 years".

- Cheryl Thompson, Centre for Automotive Diversity, Inclusion & Advancement (CADIA), Detroit, Michigan

You can do The Incubator from anywhere in the world.

You can complete your “Masters of Business Growth” from anywhere, and you get access to our library of resources the moment you register.

Plus, we’ll kick off with a personalized onboarding call to create a customized action plan so you can reach your goals. 

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Is The Incubator only for coaches and consultants?

No. The Incubator is designed for women-entrepreneurs who run service-based businesses. We teach you how to scale with people, processes and technology. 

I run a product-based business. Is The Incubator a fit for me?

The Incubator is designed specifically for service-based businesses. However, if you run a product-based business with gross sales of $1M+, you may be eligible to coach with Eleanor privately. Please email us to request information:

What’s the time commitment?

We encourage you to set aside 2-4 hours per week to work ON your 7-figure ecosystem. Remember -- this is time you are investing in building ASSETS that produce impact and income for years to come. Will you work hard? YES! But you’re building assets that pay you back many times over. That’s how CEOs, sister. 

I already have a 6-figure business. Is this right for me?

YES! Many of our clients already have 6- and 7-figure businesses. But they are over-working, over-functioning and they know they need People, Processes, and Technology to scale. We help you take everything you are already doing and take it to the next level. You’ll be in great company in this group, surrounded by other 6- and 7-figure business owners. 

Am I ready for this?

Some of our clients are in the startup phase and work with us inside The Incubator to help them LAUNCH their companies correctly from the start. Our 1:1 coaching and tailored support help you build a foundation for lasting success!

Still, you may be thinking, “I’m not ready for this,” or even, “What if other people find out I’m not as good as they think I am?”

Please know that you’re not alone. Many women have felt the same way.

But here’s what they found: “I’m now in my second year in the Incubator and it’s been incredible. I had my first $50,000 month. Eleanor gives us a path that is so easy to insert ourselves into. You may think you’re not ready for this yet, but you probably are.” - Stacy Mayer, Berkeley, California

Please don’t hesitate. There’s no cost and no obligation to learn more ...

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