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FREE Masterclass Reveals How to Use the “D.R.T.” Method to Finally Break Free of Overwhelm… Reclaim Your Time… and Scale Like a Boss.

This simple 3-step process helps you create a rock-solid niche, where you’ll increase sales, get more leads, and grow revenue... without overwork or overwhelm!

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Dear friend,

What would it be like if you never had to HUSTLE for leads again… 

… or you had an abundance of time to focus on the projects you value most?

How would it change your life?

My name is Eleanor Beaton, and I’ve helped countless women achieve all of that and more by showing them how to get crystal clear on their niche using my “D.R.T.” method.

And I’m not one of those “Do as I say, not as I do” coaches either.

Let me tell you a little story...

It wasn't too long ago that I was doing ALL THE THINGS in my business. 

I filled my days with prospecting, client projects, and endless Zoom meetings.

It was so bad that during Christmas vacation I sat in my office while my family gathered in the living room.

What was I doing that was so important over the holidays?

I was plotting out the launch of another podcast so I could reach a bigger audience. 

My son's laughter filled the other room, and my anxiety shot through the roof, knowing I couldn’t join him.

I was already working too much…

Was another podcast really going to move the needle?

That’s the exact moment I made a radical decision.

After years as a successful coach of both women leaders and women entrepreneurs, I decided to take a little bit of my own medicine and niche down even more!

Overnight, I cut my audience by 60%!

The fear of turning off a HUGE revenue stream was real…

But what happened next was shocking even to me...

… Over the next 18-months my audience skyrocketed, and I increased my annual revenue from $380K to over 1-million!

Even better, I attracted more of the clients I LOVE to work with…

...And now I control my time, and ONLY work on the projects I value the most.

…  Not only that, I have a massive positive impact on the lives of thousands of female entrepreneurs across the globe!

I want every coach, consultant, and service provider to have the same success using the “D.R.T.” method that I’ve had.

That’s why I created my FREE Masterclass Niche Down Cash Up.

When you attend Niche Down Cash Up you'll become super clear on your niche and message… 

… Plus you learn how to avoid the common pitfalls that keep women entrepreneurs stuck, overworked, and underpaid.

And once you niche down the RIGHT way...

You wake up each day in complete control of your schedule…

High-value leads flow into your inbox like clockwork…

… And you have a hefty cash reserve sitting in your bank account.

If that sounds like something you want, then click the button below and watch the training now.

In Niche Down Cash Up you’ll discover...

  • The #1 lie taught to women by universities, mentors, and gurus keeping them trapped in an endless cycle of hustling for less money, less time, and less freedom… and how to break free of the grind with one simple change in the way you do business.
  • Working harder than everyone else is the only way to be successful in business, right? WRONG! In fact, this way of thinking will sabotage your business success and lead to burnout. Join the masterclass to find out what you should do instead.
  • Why women often get trapped in an endless cycle of overwork and overwhelm… and the three-step D.R.T. process you MUST follow to get clear… get focused… and get paid.
  • How to cash in while spending MORE time with your family. Eleanor reveals how she cut her client hours 67% while earning more than ever before – and you can, too!
  • When to use the “tolerance exercise” to let go of the things that don’t serve you without feeling fear, anxiety, or resistance. Once you use this powerful technique you’ll open the floodgates to more opportunity, time, and freedom.
  • How to escape the “Chasm of Lost Opportunity” that keeps you stuck pouring every hour of the day into client work instead of scaling your business… and how to free up time to get the clarity you MUST have to scale your business like a pro.
  • The biggest mistake that forces women to choose between their needs, desires… and even their family to grow their business. Here’s how to break free of this outdated thinking and build a business where you control your time and focus.
  • How to use the “Brené Brown Litmus Test” to help you get crystal clear on your perfect niche… and once you do, nothing will stand in the way of radical growth in your business.
  • How to find the courage to say NO to clients and projects that no longer light you up, so you can say HELL YES to your next level of growth. When you do this the right way, you’ll become so in-demand people will practically beg for the chance to work with you.

Here’s what some of the women I've already helped say...

Anu Bidani

Founder and CEO, STEM MINDS Corp.

"By implementing Eleanor’s teachings, I have doubled my social media followers, tripled my mailing list and am on track to triple revenues by years end.”

Dr. Alex Swenson Ridley

Life Sprout Wellness Institute

“I closed $10K in sales from ONE talk!”

About Eleanor Beaton

Eleanor is a ridiculously bold and astoundingly brazen wife, mother of two boys, and entrepreneur. She is also rather FANCY. Behold:

Eleanor Beaton has been recognized nationally and globally for her work as a women’s leadership expert, business coach, and writer.

She is the former Chair of the Visiting Women’s Executive Exchange Program, and a finalist for the prestigious National Business Book Award honour. She has won multiple national and international awards for journalism, leadership coaching and entrepreneurship. 

She has served as a growth & marketing advisor to billion-dollar women CEOs, political leaders, and thousands of emerging women leaders and entrepreneurs. She is an advisor to venture capital funds, governments and universities on entrepreneurship, economic development and communications strategy.

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