Attention ambitious but exhausted Coaches, Consultants, and Service Providers:

Are You Sabotaging Your Own 7-Figure Revenue Breakthrough?

How to Dodge 3 Fatal Business Mistakes Even the Most Savvy Women Make

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Discover the Essential Tweak that Banishes Burnout, Brings in 7-Figure Cash Flow, and Builds an Unbreakable Nest Egg… Without Having to Hustle Harder

Too many women are hustling the joy right out of their business, and it’s costing them money. 

They work longer and longer hours struggling to get ahead and grow their brand...

They put up with nightmare clients who suck up their time and steal their sanity...

They tone down their magic trying to be everything for everybody…

Maybe you can relate. 

Before I cracked the code and built a 7-figure business that I ADORE, I did all those things too.

In fact, I hustled so hard I literally made myself sick.

Then everything came to a screeching halt — including my cash flow. 

That’s when I met a teacher who showed me the real way to build lasting, reliable revenue. 

Now, I’ve put together a free Masterclass to show you how to do it too.

It all comes down to one small change that creates an incredibly lucrative domino effect for your entire brand.

It’s worked for all these women …

“Within 18 months of working with Eleanor and her team, my revenues grew 10x to $1.5M”

- June Tavenor, Catalyst Health Solutions, Paradise, Newfoundland

"The impact of working with Eleanor and her team has blown me away.  My close rate doubled, and my income grew 55%."

- Tonya Thomas, Team Delegate, Dallas, Texas

"While working with Eleanor, I was able to embody my truth, own my unique way of doing business, and get my message out into the world faster, all with more ease and sovereignty.”

- Bethany Webster, Feminist Thinker & Author of Discovering the Inner Mother, Boston, Massachusetts

And it can work for you too.

The Secret is to Step Off the Hamster Wheel of Hustle...and I Can Show You How

Over and over again, I see smart women make the same mistakes I did.

Mistakes that left me exhausted and burned out.

Mistakes that prevented me from getting my message to the right people.

Mistakes that held me back from scaling my business to a reliable 7-figures.

But now that I know what actually works...

I’ve successfully coached other women to achieve millions in revenue growth. Fully 13.5% of our clients scale past $1M in annual revenues within 11-24 months of working with us, compared to the global average of 2%. Meanwhile the AVERAGE 12-month revenue growth of our clients is 234%. 

But most importantly, I showed them how to build a business with C.I.A.  — CASH. INFLUENCE. AUTONOMY. 

I’d love to show you too.

Join us on August 25th at 12PM Eastern for this 90-minute Mindset Masterclass:

The 7-figure Mindset: Scale Your Way To A Fortune With Asset Thinking

This is no woo-woo “just imagine it and it will come” workshop.

Invest 90 minutes and you'll discover actionable steps that break revenue plateaus so you can finally scale past 7 figures.

We’ll even do “in real time” exercises to help you start shifting your strategy right away.

In under an hour and a half, we’ll cover:

  • The “unchained melody” method that inspires business breakthroughs and eradicates burnout. (This is the ONLY way to step off that hamster wheel to nowhere… for good!)
  • The answer to growing your business is to hustle harder, right? WRONG! Why working more is actually hurting your brand.
  • Warning: Your competition is about to skyrocket. Bulletproof your brand with these 3 simple steps. 
  • How Instagram is robbing you blind. (No, it’s not the time you waste scrolling through your feed!)
  • The deadly business trade you should never make. The surprising commodity that bankrupts your energy, caps your income, and keeps you stuck. Plus what you should do instead.

You’ll discover all this and more in The 7-figure Mindset: Scale Your Way To a Fortune with Asset Thinking. 

So if you’re ready to put exhaustion and an overbooked calendar in your rearview mirror... 

If you’re ready to ditch nightmare clients who steal your time — and your joy...

If you’re anxious to bulletproof your brand from things like covid surges and unpredictable markets...

Then mark your calendar for August 25th at NOON (ET). Register below to charge full speed ahead towards building a lasting fortune.


  • You’re still living paycheck to paycheck despite bringing in 100,000+ a year.
  • You often find yourself thinking that there just aren't enough hours in a day.
  • You launched your passion business, but now you’re starting to lose your spark and run on fumes.
  • You have problematic clients who make your life hell and suck up too much time for too little money. 
  • You want to bullet-proof your nest egg from unpredictable realities like covid surges, climate shifts, and global instability.

To join us, register now!

About Eleanor Beaton

Eleanor is a ridiculously bold and astoundingly brazen wife, mother of two boys, and entrepreneur. She is also rather FANCY. Behold:

Eleanor Beaton has been recognized nationally and globally for her work as a women’s leadership expert, business coach, and writer.

She is the former Chair of the Visiting Women’s Executive Exchange Program, and a finalist for the prestigious National Business Book Award honour. She has won multiple national and international awards for journalism, leadership coaching and entrepreneurship. 

She has served as a growth & marketing advisor to billion-dollar women CEOs, political leaders, and thousands of emerging women leaders and entrepreneurs. She is an advisor to venture capital funds, governments and universities on entrepreneurship, economic development and communications strategy.