This is an 8-week group + 1:1 mentoring program for entrepreneurs who are exceptional teachers, consultants, service providers, and transformational coaches.


FOCUS your business with a lucrative niche, a scalable offer, and a compelling message so you can SCALE your revenues, impact millions of people, compete globally…and enjoy the process.

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You are highly skilled at what you do and have a reputation for excellence in your field. You are booked with client work, and you’re proud of the business you’ve created.

But you are ready for MORE. More income. More freedom. More impact.

  • You are ready to package your expertise into high-quality programs that can serve hundreds or thousands of people each year and set a new standard of excellence in your industry.
  • You are ready to sell and speak internationally. To have your thought leadership and expertise recognized globally. To work with clients and partners who inspire and stimulate you.
  • You are ready to go from making a few hundred thousand a year to a million or more per year. To pay off your mortgage, eradicate debt, and build a solid cash reserve. To hire a small team and pay them well, to invest in meaningful causes.
  • You are ready to transition from a successful and overworked consultant to the wealthy and inspiring CEO of a 7-figure business that makes a positive impact on the world.

This Means:

  • You can no longer tolerate spending 50 hours per week doing client work. That’s called “the delivery trap” and it’s not sustainable anymore.
  • You can no longer tolerate the income ceiling or earning plateaus based on your current model of trading dollars for hours.
  • You can no longer tolerate putting off working IN your business versus ON it. No more telling yourself that “someday” you’ll create your group program or scalable service offering.
  • No more settling for non-ideal clients who don’t inspire you to do your best work.
  • No more reinventing the wheel with complicated, custom projects that are different every time and difficult to delegate.
  • No more being the sole lynchpin of your business.
  • No more second-guessing your pricing, your ambition, your mission, or your desire to have a global impact with your work.
  • No more procrastinating, settling out of fear or avoiding difficult choices. You are ready to take bold, creative action.

In short...
It’s time to take your company from good to GREAT.

The 'How'

You are (literally) one in 7.5 billion. Your business is distinct. The circumstances of your life and company are unique. A cookie-cutter approach to scaling your company will NOT serve you.

However, we have developed a proprietary approach that offers a clear yet flexible roadmap to scale your company bigger than you. This proprietary approach has been refined, tested and replicated by hundreds of our clients over the last 7 years.

This proprietary approach is anchored in the following principle:

Most people think scaling a company is about ADDING. It’s not. Scaling your Cash, Influence, and Autonomy (C.I.A), is about SUBTRACTING then MULTIPLYING.

This will require you to release parts of your business, relationships – even parts of yourself – that no longer serve you. You will need the courage to make million-dollar decisions to position your company for future growth. And we will be by your side every step of the way.

In The Jewel Business Foundation, we focus on your company so it can grow. We help you nail a lucrative niche, craft a scalable offer, and hone a clear and compelling message that ensures the offer sells itself. Then we’ll help you launch a simple and effective sales plan to start generating “clean money” – revenue that comes from your ASSETS, not your HUSTLE.

How Other Women Founders Have Used Our Methodology To Scale

Kaeli Lindholm
Focusing Her Business To Scale From $300K to $1M+

When Seal Beach, California-based leadership expert Kaeli Lindholm joined the program, she was a prisoner of her own success. The former sales executive led a small but mighty 2-person team, served dozens of clients each month, and regularly spoke at national conferences for her industry - medical aesthetics. She was a success.

But she was trapped. She was working 50+ hour weeks and doing complex consulting work that was tough to scale. Her clients hired her for HER expertise. And she was so busy IN her business, that she lacked the objectivity she needed to make powerful 7-figure growth decisions. As a “leader of leaders”, she didn’t want cookie-cutter solutions, nor did she want a tired formula. She wanted principles and an approach that were tailored to HER.

Kaeli used her time in the program to SUBTRACT in order to MULTIPLY. She released non-ideal clients and low-profit offers. She niched down and refined her core offer to make it even more valuable AND scalable. She up-leveled her messaging and positioning to match the deep expertise she offers.

Within 12 months, she scaled her revenues from roughly $300K per year to $1M+. Boss status. :)

Zeina El Sayed

Quadrupling Her Revenue, Doubling Her Team, and Scoring High Profile Media Opportunities.

When Calgary, Alberta-based Zeina El Sayed invested to work with us to grow her company, she had a divorce mediation company that was successful on the outside but was burning her out. Her message and niche were too general, so she attracted clients who were good people…but not a perfect fit for her company. She was working long hours and was so busy serving clients, she couldn’t focus on scaling her company.

As a result of working with us to hone in her niche and clarify her message – lawyer-free divorce – Zeina saw her monthly revenue quadruple. Today, her company does multiple 5 figures in sales each month, and she’s a sought after contributor on prestigious news outlets. She provides quality employment to incredible people and inspires other diverse female founders to bet on themselves and pursue their dreams. She made the leap from hardworking paralegal to confident CEO. Yes Queen!

How To Decide If You Are A Fit For the Program

Fit is EVERYTHING. As much as we love money and the things it can do, we are not trying to “sell you”. We only work with clients we KNOW we can help.

You are a GREAT fit for the program if:

  • You have a good business and you are ready to make it GREAT.
  • You spend 20+ hours per week on client work.
  • You are making money, comfortably meeting your financial obligations...and you want more.
  • You own a consulting or service-based business and right now it’s running YOU. You are stretched thin and concerned about burning out.
  • You are prepared to invest $5K USD to build a 7 figure foundation.
  • You are prepared to release old ways of doing things, and hone in on the most valuable and enjoyable aspects of your business.
  • You are ready to be challenged, get direct feedback, and network with a community of successful women founders.
  • Provided your application is accepted and we mutually decide you’re a fit, you’re prepared to get started within 60 days.
  • You can arrange your schedule to be available on Tuesdays from 12pm-1:30pm ET for 8 weeks.

You are NOT a great fit for the program if:

  • You are a brand new entrepreneur.
  • You are struggling to get clients.
  • You are struggling to sell.
  • You run a product or network marketing business.
  • You are not ready to invest $5K to build a 7 figure foundation for your business.
  • You aren’t ready to release the status quo.
  • You are looking for cookie-cutter tactics.
  • You aren’t ready to commit to this program in the near future.
  • You are unwilling to make yourself available on Tuesdays from 12pm-1:30pm ET for 8 weeks.

How The Enrolment
Process Works

Step One

Please read this page carefully, and ensure you meet the “You are a great fit for this program” criteria (above!).

Step Two

Take 10-15 minutes to submit your confidential application.

Step 3

We review your application and if we think you are a fit, we will schedule a brief call to discuss your application, answer your questions and provide any additional information you need in order to make a decision about whether to enroll. We send you a brief customized program overview that you can read and review.

Step 4

You pay your registration fee and select your start date. You may start your work with us anywhere from 1-8 weeks from your application date.

A Letter From Our Founder Eleanor Beaton

Eleanor Beaton here. :)

Your time is your most precious asset. I promise I won’t waste it.
There are many wonderful programs that help women founders start their companies. But there are very few made for women, by women tools that help us sustainably scale our businesses.

Power + Presence + Position is that program. I built this program for YOU and for my 36-year-old self.

At 36 I was an award-winning consultant and journalist raising two young sons. I was booked with clients and making good money. But I was trapped in a business model I couldn’t scale. I worked 50-60 hour weeks. I was stressed all the time and while I was there in body for my family, I struggled to be truly present.

I joined business growth programs and they were somewhat helpful, but much of the advice was tailored to companies that sold stuff, not companies (like mine!) that sold expertise. I couldn’t apply what they taught to my situation. What’s more, I often felt that I was helping others more than I was getting helped.

I felt stuck, frustrated and like a failure on many levels…even though I was successful on the outside!

What I know now is that I was a victim of my own success. I had a business that was built around my LABOUR, not around my assets. It took me 3 years to muddle my way through the process I now teach to my students in 8 weeks…

A process that has helped many overworked consultants (like my 36 year old self!) transform themselves into million dollar leaders. A process that has garnered major recognition – our company has won multiple awards, been featured in major publications such as INC and Forbes. Governments, banks and NGOs seek us out for our advice on helping women founders scale their companies.

I’d love to help you do the same.


What to expect from your experience in Power + Presence + Position

You transform from an overworked Consultant or Service Provider into a CEO with C.I.A. – Cash, Influence and Autonomy.


You are a consultant or service provider who is growing your company through your HUSTLE, rather than your ASSETS. You are trading hours for dollars (a bad trade).

Every contract you take on is customized -- from the proposal, scope of work, delivery right through to invoicing.

Each sale requires that you reinvent the wheel.
You have spent months or years being “all things to all people”… which has diluted your message.
You are caught in the sell/delivery trap, and you do not have the time to focus on growing your company, because you are stuck in client work.
You are paid for your BRILLIANCE and your clients say they want YOU and YOU ALONE…which is impossible to scale.

When you stop working and hustling, the money stops too.


No more overworked consultant hustling to be all things to all people. You have NICHE CLARITY, empowering you to be a clear, confident CEO who knows PRECISELY who you serve and how you help them.

Say goodbye to UNPAID HOURS customizing proposals and responding to RFPs that go nowhere. You have OFFER CLARITY, enabling you to deliver a premium, systemized core offer that can scale beyond YOU.

Your days of offering “whatever your clients want” are behind you. You have MESSAGE CLARITY, which means you clearly and courageously communicate what you do, why it’s valuable … and who EXACTLY it’s for.

No more hustling for the next sale, reinventing the wheel and missing important events because of your consulting deliverables. You now have Niche, Offer and Message Clarity ... and the core foundation of a 7-figure business that grows through ASSETS rather than HUSTLE.

The Path

Many consultants and service-based entrepreneurs struggle to get out of the delivery trap, hustling for contracts, customizing everything, and trading hours for dollars. The result: you feel burnt out, overworked, and trapped by an income ceiling.

That's why we developed the Preeminent Positioning Process, which transforms you from an overworked consultant hustling for sales, into a Category Queen, who runs a clear, focused, and scalable business that can generate REAL WEALTH.

With Preeminent Positioning, you step AWAY from the feast-or-famine reality of services and consulting, get out of the deliver trap that sees you spending anywhere from 20-50 hours per week doing client work, and instead build TRUE ASSETS that give you wealth, freedom, and impact.

Program Details

This curriculum provides the sales and marketing foundation you REQUIRE if you are committed to building a profitable and scalable 7-figure business.

We call this foundation Preeminent Positioning, and the 5 parts are:

  • Clear Niche
  • Distinctive Brand
  • Irresistible Offer
  • Clear Message
  • Marketing & Sales System that Works

In 5 expertly-designed modules, Eleanor walks you through the foundational elements of Jewel Business Foundation. Your confidence and clarity will soar as you complete each milestone. Because you aren’t just taking a course -- you are building a money machine that will provide an abundant life for you and the people you care about.

Here’s What We’ll Do Together Inside Power + Presence + Position

  • Design (or refine) a premium, recession-proof offer that you are excited to sell.
  • Determine the messaging, positioning and pricing of your offer so that it is irresistible to your market, even at a premium price.
  • Pinpoint a lucrative niche market that is ready, willing and able to pay you premium prices for your work ... even if you think you are in a “low margin” industry!
  • Clarify your brand position and promise so you are distinct, recognized as a leader, and it’s easy for others to refer you.
  • Craft a premium consultative selling system that allows you to confidently close high-ticket sales, even if you have never had sales training before.
  • Nail your business messaging so you can confidently market your business to partners, media and prospects.
  • Design and implement a marketing system that produces affluent, highly qualified leads.

Here's What's Possible For You

Every time I work with Eleanor Beaton l make money. She is brilliant at helping you capitalize on your expertise. The program was exactly what I needed to take my already successful business into a category of ONE.

Ungenita Prevost, FEMME 500 Global Feminine Leadership Network, London, England

As a result of applying what I learned in the program, I generated an additional $47K in revenue in 8 weeks!

Chela Breckon, With Chela Inc, Pembroke, Ontario

Within weeks of completing this program, I got an 8X return on my investment. This was the best group coaching program I have ever invested in!

Dawn Cone PhD, Organizational Psychologist, Detroit, Michigan



Step-by-step videos and manual to help you nail your niche, clarify your message, craft your irresistible offer and GET IT OUT TO MARKET in 60 days.

It's clear, focused and practical. With no wasted time or effort.
I will be by your side, supporting you every step of the way.



Elite business coaching from me every week.

You aren’t like everyone else — your work and situation are unique and distinct. So we offer tailored, customized support to ensure you get the most out of this experience and maximize your investment.

Join me each week for LIVE coaching. Then, show up for implementation coaching and small group mastermind time with our team of executive coaches.

Stuck? Need extra help? Our elite coaching support will help.



Get thoughtful support and sisterhood in our private community of women entrepreneurs from around the world.

Uncover lucrative promotional partners.

Find an elite business accountability partner.

Make lifelong friendships with brilliant, heart-centered women who understand your ambition.

Learn what marketing tactics are working — and not working — for various niches.

You Get It All In 5+1 Modules

Module One

Assume Your Preeminent Position

(AKA: There’s plenty of room at the top).
You aren’t here to simply build a are here to change the world. At the end of this module, you will NAIL your: Brand archetype, brand position and promised land ... plus your niche

Module Two

Craft Your Irresistible Solution

(AKA: Design your premium offer).
To build a million-dollar business, you need a profitable offer. At the end of this module, you will be crystal clear on your: Premium offer that allows you to serve many people at once... pricing ... and powerful language to sell the offer

Module Three

Clarify Your Message and Point of View

(AKA: Stop confusing your customers, start marketing with clarity and confidence).
Your MESSAGE is the single most important aspect of marketing. At the end of this module, you will lock in your: Company one-liner ... expert bio ... thought leadership stories and statements

Module Four

Sell With Story

(AKA: Build awareness, generate leads).
7-figure marketing is focused, refined and systematic. By the end of this module, you will NAIL your: Selling With Story framework to create preeminent marketing content for ANY social platform.

Module Five

Magnetize Millions With a Powerful Sales Pitch

(AKA: Get Money).
Sales. It’s where the rubber hits the road in any business. To build your 7-figure foundation, you MUST master the art of sales -- this module is designed to help. By the end, you will have: crafted, practiced, and tested a high-converting sales script to consistently and reliably turn leads into money.

+1 Bonus Module

The Ultimate Audience Growth Guide ($497 Value)

There are THOUSANDS of people out there who are ready to pay you premium prices for your expertise … if only they knew you existed.
Get the BLUEPRINT I continue to use to land guest speaker spots on coveted podcasts and webinars — and then how I translate those speaking opportunities into lucrative deals.
You get immediate access to this audience building collection of fill-in-the-blank templates, and more.

I made back my investment in the first five minutes of the very first call.

Ingrid Deon, WordCraft, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

The program me so much clarity. By applying what I learned, I made back my investment in Week 2, created a high ticket group program, sold it into corporate and have 18 participants!

Donna Hall, D. Hall Professional Services, Toronto, Ontario

As a result of working with Eleanor and her team, I more than 10x’d my revenues to $1.5M.

June Tavenor, Catalyst Health Solutions, Paradise, Newfoundland & Labrador

The $100,000 Guarantee

In coaching, as in all things, you get what you pay for.

Working with us in Jewel Business Foundation is an investment that will generate significant returns for you and your business.

We know this because our methodology, approach and team have delivered results to hundreds of women founders. We only work with founders we KNOW we can help, and this guarantee is proof that we mean what we say. Sign up and show up. If, at any time in the first 90 days, you don’t feel like you've received at least $100,000 in business-building tools and techniques, just let us know in writing. You'll receive a prompt, courteous refund of your money. Every penny.
Does that sound fair? If so, take the next step ...

About Eleanor Beaton & Safi Media

At Safi Media, our vision is to advance a model of economic growth that nourishes the planet one woman-owned business at a time.

Our mission is to double the number of women founders who sustainably scale past $1M in annual revenues through storytelling, business coaching and entrepreneurship education.

We consult with policy makers, political leaders, corporations and NGOs to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem that truly supports women founders to build cash rich companies that grow through their assets NOT their hustle.

We coach women founders around the world through our flagship program, The Jewel Business Foundation.

Our founder, Eleanor Beaton is Canada’s best-known business coach for women founders. Recognized globally for her work in the field of women’s leadership, Eleanor is the former Chair of the Visiting Women’s Executive Exchange Program at the Yale School of Management.

She has won multiple prestigious awards in the field of journalism, coaching and entrepreneurship: she has been named Canada’s Leadership Coach of the Year by the Corporate Excellence Awards, Export Achievement Award from Nova Scotia Business Inc., the Hector Jacques Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence by the Black Business Initiative, finalist for the National Business Book Award and a National Magazine Award – Canada’s top honours for business writing.


What results are typical with graduates from this program? Provide context for the results - what did they join to accomplish? Who are they?

Our graduates see a direct impact on their C.I.A: Cash, Influence, Autonomy.

Dawn Cone, Founder of Detroit based DSC Consulting which specializes in organizational and team performance, joined us because work was exhausting her, and she knew her hustle mentality wasn’t going to secure the type of growth she wanted. Specifically she wanted to find other ways of marketing and to revise her business model. As a result of the work she did inside the program, Dawn was able to grow her LinkedIn Audience by 66.67%, grow an existing contract, AND increase her fees which resulted in an additional $25K.

Teresa Vozza, former CHRO of a global insurance company turned founder of a Toronto based coaching startup, reached out to Safi Media because she knew she was in the midst of a significant transition inside her business. She was an expert in her craft, but was overwhelmed by marketing and knew she needed more clarity around who she served and how she solved their problem. As a direct result from the niche and messaging work we do inside the program, Teresa raised her prices with confidence, which resulted in a 2x of her investment by the fourth week.

Afton Brazzoni, founder of Calgary based Scribe National and B2B marketing expert, enrolled in the program because she was stretched thin doing too much customized work. Because her niche was unclear, she was doing too many things for too many people. Thanks to the coaching she received, Afton was able to niche without fear and identify her core services. This focus bought back her sanity and enabled her to create business assets. These changes led her to earn back her investment while she was in the program.

Graduates have found that their newly generated business value was the mechanism that allowed them to uplevel their leadership skills, elevate their profiles, and build increased confidence in their ability to lead the company they want.

Over 40% of the women in our program earned their money back before completing the program. 100% of our participants surveyed said they would strongly recommend the program to a friend.

If I need more support, what does that look like?

You will have a 1:1 coaching session as part of your investment. Few clients require additional support outside of the Strategic Advisory and CCI calls, but should that happen simply reach out to your coach.

What types of businesses are typical?

We work with established entrepreneurs who are exceptional teachers, consultants, service providers and transformational coaches. They represent multiple industries like HR, Leadership Development, Healthcare, Law, Wellness, Personal Development and more.

Do I have time with Eleanor?

Yes! Eleanor leads the weekly Strategic Advisory Calls and each week you have the ability to receive personalized feedback and coaching from her on your business.

How do the group sessions work?

Members can submit questions for the Strategic Advisory with Eleanor. We are generally able to have fulsome discussions on all questions or discussion points submitted. The CCI calls are facilitated by our coaches, but led by our clients :) It's an opportunity to draw from the expertise and resources available in the group and check in

How much time do I need to dedicate to the program weekly?

2.5 hours for the weekly calls and another 1-2 hours for the curriculum

Need help or have questions?

Contact us at:
You can expect a response within one business day.

We promise to keep your information safe.
Read our privacy policy here.

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