What it looks like to coach with me:

That will depend on WHAT YOU NEED. Which is why we have an application process – so that you and I can figure out what you need and what makes the most sense for you both in terms of your needs, your budget and your time.

Here’s what I’m working on with the women founders who have already signed up:


  • Evaluating their existing buyers and reviewing their current growth strategy
  • Looking for opportunities to niche UP and sell more at higher prices
  • Identifying 1 or 2 straightforward growth tactics 
  • Thoughtfully simplifying to scale

Why NOW is the time to apply:

No matter HOW we work together (inside a program, privately, over 2 months, 4 months or a year – we’ll figure that out together), I’m offering a 1:1 Buyer Evaluations & Growth Strategy Deep Dive with ME PERSONALLY.

Why? Because when the economy turns to crud and your business is threatened YOU need to find within you a clear mind and steady hand to guide your ship to riches.

But it’s REALLY hard to “see” your company objectively. And, only certain advisors have the experience to look at your company holistically. This 1:1 deep dive is an incredibly valuable opportunity to get really clear on exactly what steps you need to take to thrive during the recession.

What happens after you apply:

I review your application and if I think we are a potential fit, we’ll schedule a call. During that call we will:

  • Explore your needs to ensure what you need is in my wheelhouse
  • Lay out my recommendations
  • Specify details on how I recommend we work together
  • Ensure you have the information you need to make a decision.

From there, if you decide to work together, we’ll INCLUDE the 1:1 Buyer Evaluations & Growth Strategy Deep Dive with ME PERSONALLY. 

Keep in mind: we offer a 90-day $100K guarantee on our coaching programs. If you haven’t received guidance and value that can add $100K to your company over the next 2 years, we give you your money back. 

This ensures integrity in YOUR buying experience. We never, ever work with founders we’re not CERTAIN we can help.