Nail Your Niche. Clarify Your Message. Create a Scalable Offer.


You are ready. You are enough. It’s time to share your message with the world.


At this very moment, there are customers who are ready to pay YOU a premium for your services —

Because what makes you distinct is what makes you valuable.

And what makes you valuable will also make you rich

Keep reading because we're about to address all your questions about nailing your niche, clarifying your message, and bringing your premium offer to the masses.

We’ll show you our proven approach…

An approach that has helped our clients make SERIOUS MONEY and have MAJOR IMPACT even during a global economic shut down.

You are ready. You are enough. NOW is the time to show up and play big.

We’re inviting you to work with us…so we can help you nail your niche, clarify your message and market your business in a way that is POWERFUL and DISTINCT.

Decisions have power.  This is your time to DECIDE and COMMIT to enrolling in Power + Presence + Position and be the most powerful version of yourself.


At SafiMedia, we are on a mission to help women entrepreneurs like YOU transform from overworked consultants and service providers to CEOs with C.I.A.

C.I.A. stands for Cash, Influence and Autonomy. 

The CASH to not only pay yourself a great salary, but to build a CASH RESERVE so you can reinvest in growth, build a financial fortress, recirculate your wealth and leave financial stress in the dust.

The INFLUENCE to not only run a business...but ADVANCE your industry and make a meaningful and recognized impact on people’s lives.

The AUTONOMY to build a business capable not only of running without you...but GROWING without you, so you can have the time and freedom to be your own woman and lead your company (versus having your business run YOU).

When you are a CEO with C.I.A, you have a profitable, well-run business that grows through your ASSETS and SYSTEMS rather than through your HUSTLE. That’s what the Power + Presence + Position Business Accelerator is all about. 


A Personal Invitation From The Creator of The Power + Presence + Position Business Accelerator, Safi Media Founder Eleanor Beaton.

I hit a MAJOR milestone in January 2018.

“I can’t believe it. I did it.”

I closed $1M in sales in 12 months. When I started my leadership coaching company a few years earlier, that number felt totally out of reach. But a friend encouraged me to be bold, so I set an audacious goal of hitting $1M in 3 years.

I wasn’t certain I could do it. I didn’t feel “ready.” But I went for it. 

But here I was, a 6’0, bi-racial woman working out of a backyard studio in teeny tiny town, living my million-dollar dream.

I got up from my desk and walked over to the window and looked out over the huge, snow-covered field outside my studio window. 

“I can’t believe it. I made it happen.”

There is no experience more powerful than committing to a goal, seeing it through and making it happen. 

After a few false starts, I launched my women’s leadership and business coaching company in 2015. 

That first year, I did about $150,000 in sales.

The next year, I passed $350,000.

In my third year, I closed a million. 

The money has been wonderful. Even sweeter has been the prestigious opportunities that have come my way.

It’s wild to think that this milestone began with my commitment.

Imagine the changes we could create if we kept our commitments to ourselves.

If you think that my experience is “special”, know that I started from ZERO.

This is me in 2013 — two young kids, lots of debt, my husband and I struggling to get two businesses off the ground.

My aesthetician — a successful business owner in her own right — told me to look up Marie Forleo. It was a passing suggestion that forever changed my trajectory.

I realized that I could build a 7-figure business that had a huge impact…from anywhere!

In 2014, I started selling coaching packages while I wound down my previous business — a communications consulting agency.

I took trainings in “online launching” and “online sales”…but I was struggling. I had no niche, my message was boring and my marketing was cringe-worthy. Case in point:

I made some sales, but it just wasn't "ME".

This is when I started to see that NONE of the online tactics would work unless I first nailed some key, foundational elements: a lucrative niche, a powerful message, an irresistible offer, and a strong marketing system.

I saw that with these foundations in place, anyone — even someone who was a total newbie to business and marketing — could make real money. It was the beginning of what I call today my Category of One Method. 

It was based on my extensive training as a business journalist, PR pro, and advertising executive. 

And it didn’t involve expensive websites, overpriced logos or complicated funnels that others in my industry were preaching. 

Over the next 3 years, I used my Category of One marketing system to land lucrative contracts, sell-out programs, and live events, and ultimately cross the 7-figure mark in sales.

In 2019, I refined my method further, cut 60% of my audience, cut a revenue stream that contributed roughly 40% of my company’s annual sales, and continued to accelerate growth while simplifying my business.

Today I have a team of 8 full-time employees who are capable of growing the business without relying on me. My podcast is ranked near the very top in one of the most competitive categories online: entrepreneurship. I have won multiple awards for my work advancing gender equity and women’s entrepreneurship.

I have multiple six-figure cash reserves and a healthy retirement nest egg. My family takes amazing five-star vacations each year — paid for in cash — and my husband joined our business last year. 

I continue to be surprised at the money-making and dream-enhancing power of a lucrative niche, a powerful message, an irresistible offer, and a strong marketing system. And I’ve committed to teaching other women entrepreneurs how to do it too.


Due to the high-touch nature of the program, spots fill up quickly. We ONLY work with clients we know we can help.

You are a GREAT fit for the Power + Presence + Position Business Accelerator if:

You are a NOT A GREAT fit for the Power + Presence + Position Business Accelerator if:

  • You’re clear on the skills and expertise you can offer to your market. 
  • You own a consulting or service-based business but right now IT’S RUNNING YOU. You are stretched thin, overworking and customizing every contract.
  • You are prepared to build a legit business that gives you C.I.A -- Cash, Influence and Autonomy.
  • You are ready to invest at least $1650 USD in growing your business.
  • You are selling primarily into your warm network and have no idea what to do when the pipeline dries up.
  • Your clients hire you for YOUR brilliance and you’re unsure how to scale, well, YOU.
  • You love the idea of owning a business, but have no idea what to sell.
  • You run a product-based or network marketing business.
  • You aren’t prepared to release old ways and ideas.
  • You aren’t ready to invest time and money in the growth and development of yourself as a CEO, and your business as a whole. 
  • You aren’t prepared to invest 2 hours per week working ON your business (versus in it!)

What if you KNEW that you are 100% worthy of all the success you desire?

What if you KNEW you couldn’t fail?

And what if you knew that “failing” — is actually a super important part of the process? 

We're not asking you this question for our health.

This is a legit question.

Here are some of the women who asked themselves this question…and made the COMMITMENT. 

They invested in our coaching programs (We’ll give you details in a minute) and made it happen.

Ready to meet them?

Starshema is generating consistent $10K months!

Meet Starshema:

After attending a live conference I hosted in 2019, Starshema decided to invest in a coaching program with me.

At the time, she had a brand new leadership coaching business and was generating roughly $300 per month, while working her corporate job full-time.

In the beginning, Starshema had a ton of potential — but her message was vanilla and she was blending in to an already saturated market.

Through the Category of One Method, Starshema nailed her niche, elevated her position and clarified her marketing message.

Today, she is generating consistent $10K months. Her most recent live retreat sold out in 24 hours!

Are you ready to nail your niche, clarify your message and create YOUR Category of One marketing system?

You may be thinking: What if I’m in a saturated industry? Is there still room for me?

Even if you’re in a saturated market, there’s plenty of room that the top. When you know how to position yourself in a category of one, your customers will see you as distinct and valuable — and they will therefore pay premium prices!

When you join Power + Presence + Position, I will show you how to use a simple framework — I call it the PSPSP framework — to nail your niche, clarify your message, craft an irresistible offer and bring it to market. 

When you position your company in a Category of One, your customers LINE UP to pay your premium prices.

Not only does her business now do multiple five figures in sales each and every month, she is a regular contributor on TV.

For example, Zeina El Sayed saw her month over month revenue QUADRUPLE when she honed in on a lucrative niche — lawyer-free divorce — and clarified her message. Not only does her business now do multiple five figures in sales each and every month, she is a regular contributor on TV.


Both Starshema and Zeina operate in saturated industries. But by nailing their niche, clarifying their message and crafting a Category of One marketing system, they have uncovered a large audience eager to pay them top dollar. 

It starts by getting clear on your niche, message and irresistible offer.

Not sure you have a niche? Confused about your message?

We can help.

Inside Power + Presence + Position, we help you get clear on what makes your offerings distinct and insanely valuable — then we show you how to use the power of your story to communicate your value to the world. 

Here’s What Happens in The Power + Presence + Position Business Accelerator

Transform From an Overworked Consultant or Service Provider into a CEO with C.I.A. – Cash, Influence and Autonomy.

STOP hustling for sales. Start building the business ASSETS that will make you wealthy.


  • You are a consultant or service provider who is currently growing your company through your HUSTLE, rather than your ASSETS; you are trading dollars for hours.
  • Every contract you take on is customized -- from the proposal, scope of work, delivery right through to invoicing.
  • Each sale requires that you reinvent the wheel.
  • You have spent months or years being “all things to all people”…which has watered down your message.
  • You are caught in the sell/delivery trap, and you do not have the time to focus on growing your company, because you are stuck in client work.
  • You are paid for your BRILLIANCE and your clients say they want YOU and YOU ALONE…which is making it impossible to scale.
  • When you stop working and hustling, the money stops flowing.


  • No more overworked consultant hustling to be all things to all people. You leave PPP with NICHE CLARITY, empowering you to be a clear, confident CEO who knows PRECISELY who you serve and how you help them.
  • Say goodbye to UNPAID HOURS customizing proposals and responding to RFPs that go nowhere. You leave PPP with OFFER CLARITY, enabling you to deliver a premium, systemized core offer that can scale beyond YOU.
  • Your days of offering “whatever your clients want” are behind you. You leave PPP with MESSAGE CLARITY which means you clearly and courageously communicate what you do, why it’s valuable…and who EXACTLY it’s for.
  • No more hustling for the next sale, reinventing the wheel and missing important events because of your consulting deliverables. You leave PPP with Niche, Offer and Message Clarity, AND the core foundation you NEED to build a 7-figure service business that grows through ASSETS rather than HUSTLE. 

The HOW:

Many consultants and service-based entrepreneurs struggle to get out of the delivery trap, hustling for contracts, customizing everything, and trading dollars for hours. The result: you feel burnt out, overworked, and trapped by an income ceiling.

So we developed the Preeminent Positioning Process, which transforms you from an overworked consultant hustling for sales, into a Category Queen, who runs a clear, focused, and scalable business that can generate REAL WEALTH.

With Preeminent Positioning, you step AWAY from the feast or famine reality of services and consulting, get OFF the launch rollercoaster, and instead build TRUE ASSETS that give you wealth, freedom, and impact.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the program:

The Power + Presence + Position Business Accelerator is a LIVE program to help you nail your niche, clarify your message, and confidently market your offer to the world.

What’s Included In The Power + Presence + Position Business Accelerator:

Access to the Power + Presence + Position Curriculum

This curriculum provides the sales and marketing foundation you REQUIRE if you are committed to building a profitable and scalable 7-figure business. We call this foundation Preeminent Positioning, and the 5 components include:

  • A clear niche
  • A distinctive brand
  • An irresistible offer
  • A clear message
  • A marketing and sales system that works

Without absolute clarity on these elements, your company will not achieve sustainable growth, and you won’t generate C.I.A.

Over the course of 5 expertly-designed modules, Eleanor carefully walks you through the foundational elements of Power + Presence + Position. Your confidence and clarity will soar as you complete each milestone, secure in the knowledge that you aren’t just taking a course -- you are constructing a money machine that will provide an abundant life for you and the people you care about. 

Weekly Strategic Advisory with Eleanor

Each week, you will receive an invitation to a group Strategic Advisory call with Eleanor. This is where we will discuss strategy, brainstorm your approach to emerging opportunities, overcome challenges, develop your 7-figure CEO mindset, and fix any issues related to your offer, pricing, messaging, marketing or sales. Get weekly, actionable and expert advice on your business over the course of your 60 days in our program. Eleanor knows what it takes to build and scale a 7-figure service business, and she is committed to helping you build the foundation and infrastructure to do the same.

Weekly Community, Coaching & Implementation (CCI)Calls

As an already successful woman leader, chances are you have a lot of people depending on you -- family, clients, community. In order to reach the next level of success in your business, you need to be fully supported in every aspect of your business. 

Get your weekly dose of support, coaching, inspiration and community with our CCI Calls -- get feedback on your work, request laser coaching, brainstorm with other successful women entrepreneurs at your level. 

Private, Member-Only Forum

Connect with other outstanding women leaders and surround yourself with successful business owners who like you, are experts in their field, and committed to building a lucrative business so they can have an amazing lifestyle, make an impact, and redistribute wealth. 

Forge powerful friendships with ambitious and heart-centered women, network with other experts, and see the inner workings of how other women are running and growing their companies. 

Our Full Curriculum, Templates and Standard Operating Procedures Library

Get access to all of our resources, downloads and high impact training materials inside our beautiful online classroom. This includes access to more than 20+ templates, SOPs, swipe files and done for you resources on everything from sales scripts, LinkedIn marketing templates, virtual assistant job descriptions and more. 

Here’s what we’ll do together inside The Power + Presence + Position Business Accelerator:

  • Design (or refine) a premium, recession-proof offer that you are excited to sell. 
  • Determine the messaging, positioning and pricing of your offer so that it is irresistible to your market, even at a premium price. 
  • Pinpoint a lucrative niche market that is ready, willing and able to pay you premium prices for your work...even if you think you are in a “low margin” industry!
  • Clarify your brand position and promise so you are distinct, recognized as a leader, and it’s easy for others to refer you.
  • Craft a premium consultative selling system that allows you to confidently close high ticket sales, even if you have never had sales training before.
  • Nail your business messaging so you can confidently market your business to partners, media and prospects.
  • Design and implement a marketing system that produces affluent, highly qualified leads.

Every time I work with Eleanor Beaton l make money. She is brilliant at helping you capitalize on your expertise. Power + Presence + Position was exactly what I needed to take my already successful business into a category of ONE. Her strategies work and deliver a high ROI. If you want to work with the best hire Eleanor!

- Ungenita Prevost, FEMME 500 Global Feminine Leadership Network, London, England

As a result of applying what I learned in Power + Presence + Position, I generated an additional $47K in revenue in 8 weeks!

- Chela Breckon, With Chela Inc, Pembroke, Ontario

Within weeks of completing this program, I got an 8X return on my investment. Power +Presence + Position is the best group coaching program I have ever invested in!

- Dawn Cone PhD, Organizational Psychologist, Detroit, Michigan

Part 1: The Course

Step-by-step videos and manual to help you nail your niche, clarify your message, craft your irresistible offer and GET IT OUT TO MARKET in 60 days. 

I am so clear, focused and practical that there is little room for mistakes, wasted time or effort. Either you do the work and get results, or don’t do the work and don’t get results — I will be by your side, supporting you each step of the way.

Part 2: The coaching

Get elite business coaching from me each and every week. 

You aren’t like everyone else — your work and situation are unique and distinct. So we offer tailored, customized support to ensure you get the most out of this experience and maximize your investment.

Join me each week for LIVE coaching. Then, show up for implementation coaching and small group mastermind time with our team of executive coaches.

Stuck? Need extra help? Want to talk through your idea or plan? Our elite coaching support will help.

Part 3: The Community

Get live 24/7 support in our private community of women entrepreneurs from around the world.

Uncover lucrative promotional partners. 

Find an elite business accountability partner.

Make lifelong friendships with brilliant, heart-centered women who understand your ambition. 

Learn what marketing tactics are working — and not working — for various niches. 

Here's what you'll learn:

MODULE 1: Assume Your Preeminent Position (AKA: There’s plenty of room at the top)

 Module Milestones:

  • You aren’t here to simply build a are here to change the world. At the end of this module, you will NAIL your:
  • Brand archetype, brand position & promised land 
  • Niche

MODULE 2: Craft Your Irresistible Solution (AKA: Design your premium offer)

 Module Milestones:

  • If you want to build a million-dollar business, you need a profitable offer. At the end of this module, you will be crystal clear on your:
  • Premium offer design
  • Pricing
  • Powerful sales language to describe the offer.

MODULE 3: Clarify Your Message and Point of View (AKA: Stop confusing your customers, start marketing with clarity and confidence)

 Module Milestones:

  • Your MESSAGE is the single most important aspect of marketing. At the end of this module, you will have locked in your:
  • Company one-liner
  • Expert bio
  • Thought leadership stories and statements

MODULE 4: Sell With Story  (AKA: Build awareness, generate leads)

 Module Milestones:

  • 7-figure marketing is focused, refined and systematic. By the end of this module, you will have:
  • Mastered the Selling With Story framework to create preeminent marketing content for ANY social platform
  • Designed a 6-month Category of One marketing plan designed to produce consistent 5-figure months.

MODULE 5: Magnetize Millions With a Powerful Sales Pitch (AKA: Get Money)

 Module Milestones:

  • Sales. It’s where the rubber hits the road in any business. To build your 7-figure foundation, you MUST master the art of sales -- this module is designed to help. By the end you will have:
  • Crafted, practiced, and tested a high converting sales script to ensure you are able to consistently and reliably turn leads into money.


The Ultimate Audience Growth Guide ($497 Value)

There are THOUSANDS of people out there who are ready to pay you premium prices for your expertise…if only they knew you existed.

Get the BLUEPRINT I continue to use to land guest speaker spots on coveted podcasts and webinars — and then how I translate those speaking opportunities into lucrative deals. 

You’ll have immediate access to swipe files, templates and more.



Here's what's possible when you pay in full...

I made back my investment in the first five minutes of the very first call.

- Ingrid Deon, WordCraft, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Power + Presence + Position gave me so much clarity. By applying what I learned, I made back my investment in Week 2, created a high ticket group program, sold it into corporate and have 18 participants!

- Donna Hall, Donna Hall Coaching, Toronto, Ontario

As a result of working with Eleanor and her team, I more than 10x’d my revenues to $1.5M.

- June Tavenor, Catalyst Health Solutions, Paradise, Newfoundland & Labrador


Please shop mindfully. However, we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee on the  POWER + PRESENCE + POSITION Business Accelerator, dated from your time of purchase.

You are ready. You are enough. It’s time to level up your business and play a MUCH bigger game.

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